It’s goal setting time!

Written By on June 25, 2018

We are proud of our environmental accomplishments so far but we know we can do better.

Our goal for the 12 months ended April 30, 2019 is to avoid printing any paper at all. With the last page printed a few months ago and the Nanaimo office removing their printer before that, we are confident that we can accomplish this.

In 2018, we offset the Cobble Hill team’s carbon footprint with contributions to the First Nations Forest Carbon Project on Nionwentsio Land, QC. Our goal for 2019 is to reduce our average team member’s carbon footprint by 5% and expand our carbon offsets initiative and green business certification to the Nanaimo office.

If you are interested in learning how we can eliminate the paper from your accounting or tax projects or want to learn more about our environmental initiatives, give us a call today!

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