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We’re Hiring – Bookkeeper Wanted!

We are looking for an amazing bookkeeper to join the Birrer Sangret LLP team, working out of our Cobble Hill office in a long-term, permanent position. RESPONSIBILITIES: Data entry and reconciliations using manual, automated and integrated bookkeeping solutions for a diverse client base; Preparation of working papers to support government reporting; full cycle payroll; Research and application; assisting with the development of our quality management system; Assisting with the internal audit; and Administrative support. SKILLS: Attention to detail with a […]

TAX MYTH – First Time Home Buyers

We are looking at the First Time Home Buyers amount; a $5,000 non-refundable tax credit that can save you up to $750. Tax Myth: The First Time Home Buyer’s tax credit is based on your percentage ownership of the property That is incorrect. Last year, we talked to a young couple that recently purchase a home. On the “tax advice” of their lender, they were told that the First Time Home Buyer’s tax credit is based on their percentage ownership. The […]

TAX MYTH – Selling Your Principal Residence

Tax Myth: I don’t have to report the sale of my principal residence on my tax return. That is no longer correct. You are required to report the sale price, the acquisition date and a description of your principal residence on your tax return if you sold or are “deemed” to have sold your principal residence on or after January 1, 2016 – even if you don’t have to pay taxes on the sale! And it may surprise some taxpayers […]

OFFICE CLOSURE: December 9th, 2016

We have declared Friday, December 9th an official Pow-D Day in accordance with our Work/Life Balance Policy and are asking that our employees take time to relax before the stressful holiday season begins. The Nanaimo and Cobble Hill offices will be closed; we apologize for any inconvenience.  

TEACHERS: A school supplies tax credit just for you!

The Eligible Educator School Supply Tax Credit, worth 15% on up to $1,000 of eligible school supplies, has now become law. To mark the occasion, CRA has published a Question and Answer providing commentary on this new refundable tax credit available in 2016 and subsequent years. The credit is also referred to as the Teacher and Early Childhood Educator School Supply Tax Credit; or, simply, the School Supplies Tax Credit. Who Qualifies? The new tax credit can only be claimed by an eligible teacher or early childhood […]

Cloud Accounting Software: We’ve got you covered!

It’s no secret these days; there’s more than just one cloud accounting software provider. In fact, there are over a handful of great cloud based software providers serving the Canadian market right now. We’ve joined forces with these companies to ensure we provide our clients with the most diverse compatibility in the market today. These platforms are designed to make your life easier; pair them with Birrer Sangret LLP and free up valuable time to work on your business, not in it.           If you’re using […]

CRA Instalment Payments: Do I have to pay them?

When tax returns for 2015 were filed, some individuals would have been required to make a substantial tax payment in April of 2016 since their 2015 tax withholdings and instalment payments (or lack of) were not sufficient to cover the additional income. In general, if that April payment upon filing was greater than $3,000, CRA will request those individuals to make instalment payments during the 2016 year. Instalment reminders are sent out by CRA (usually in August) and may ask […]

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WORKING BUT NOT PAYING YOURSELF: Employment Insurance Issues

After leaving a job, an individual may incorporate a business, or invest more time in one that they already operate. The individual may then decide to leave all the money in the corporation, taking no wages. Or, perhaps, the business is unable to pay a salary as it is not making sufficient revenues. Since the individual does not receive any personal wages, they may be motivated to apply for EI unemployment benefits. It sounds simple right? Wrong. In a February […]

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Tips and Gratuities: Employer’s Responsibilities

Gratuities or tips received by employees are income earned from employment. However, it must be determined whether these tips are pensionable and/or insurable, that is, whether the employer should be withholding CPP and/or EI. This depends on whether the tips are considered to have been paid by the employer. Administratively, CRA looks at whether the tips are controlled by the employer or are considered to have been paid by the customer (a direct tip). A December 16, 2015 Tax Court […]

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Certified Green!

We are proud to announce that the Cobble Hill location has received the highest level of certification from the Vancouver Island Green Business Certification Program and is now Surfrider Approved. The program was developed to help provide a set of tangible actions that businesses can take to tread a little lighter on the environment. Whether it is by improving our buildings energy efficiency, reducing the amount of waste we generate or supporting local charities and non-profit organizations, we are committed […]

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